Весь мир ничто? Тем лучше! Вообрази скорей Что нет тебя, и действуй вольнее, веселись! (c)
Плагиатить - тоже искусство. Если сознательно.

Песня к какому-то "Евровидению", прошедшему много лет назад. Все песни, откуда украдена музыка, пока не могу узнать.

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I am a music thief ,
I steal melodies !
All the best of the hits, of the hits!
All the people wanna dance to my beats , to my beats !

I steal lyrics too,
I am a plagiarist .
Let it be , move your feet, move your feet
To the music of my hit , crazy hit , super hit !

Pretty woman you are a devil in disguise
Living in a yellow submarine .
Welcome to the hotel ’’GANGSTAS PARADISE’’ !
The Winner Takes It All My Dancing Queen
Billy Jean .

My song is very cool
Because it’s meaningless,
Just a joke for your kids ,for your kids
To the lyrics of the most famous hits ,only hits .

Yes , I am a criminal
Who’s looking for success .
What’s a shame ! I’m a thief , I’m a thief ,
But I wanna just a fame to receive , to receive .

Love me tender , love me sleeping in my car !
Every breath you take I’am watching you .
Du hast mich gefragt ’’ Is whiskey in the jar ? ’’
Mama mia, mama uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !
Love me do !


Now let’s listen to the opera !
I stole it too,
It’s not a sin .
Great amount of hits is all around
For Eurosong
And I must win !

Girls, boys !
Gimme gimme twelve points !
It’s a weapon of choice ,
Take a chance on me
Because I have a dream!

Hey, jury, please!
Don’t call the police !
My robbery is trick ,
So funny funny freak !

I am a music gangsta
Who wanna be a star
Like Jesus Christ !
Are you Surprised ?

Yesterday you told me ‘bout the blue, blue sky ,
All my troubles seemed so far away ...
La isla bonita , time to say goodbye!
Voyage voyage surfing USA
Slide away!

Great amount of hits is all around
For Eurosong
And I must win !

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